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11 String Tutor book:

tutor bookTutor book
for the 11 String

green stained solid body kanteleConsider the possibilities, the vast array of Guitar effects pedals/equipment that can be used with these instruments and you have the potential to make some very unique music, sound samples below.
  This is the new standard model, fitted with twin Blade pickups in a noise-cancelling humbucking setup, zither pins with hidden hard maple for rock-solid tuning, New steel bridge with steel inserts,  chrome-plated hardware and natural wood bodies in an oiled and waxed finish. There is no onboard volume control on this model but this is easily controlled from the mixing desk/headphone amp/Guitar amplifier/effects pedals, etc. 

These are mostly made from American Tulip Poplar which is light and resonant, other timbers can be commissioned for a little extra, The standard finish is with the Tulip poplar in natural, but red, blue-green, dark brown water-based stain options.
This can also be built as a 10 string for the same price, original model from 2005

I can also supply plans for this model if you wanted to build your own!  link here:


MJK-EK11 2021 In Tulip Poplar, oil finish, 11 strings, Steel bridge, chrome hardware, steel strings
£550-£750   7-8  months from order for this standard model    plus shipping    more options available,  see my etsy shop

electric solidbody kantele in case   green oil and wax finish

close up of pickups and bridge

Please inquire about Coloured finishes, These are all custom instruments,  colour stains and oil and wax finished.

electric kantele

MP3's to download:

These are very old soundfiles with crackling from 2005 I retrieved from an old computer,  New Kanteles are fitted with Noise Cancelling pickups.

Strumming example  

Chord and Plucking example

Bowed Electric Kantele (Long),   Shorter example

Distorted sounds
Em and Bm chord pattern sequence

Chris Conway

chris conways kantele
Chris Conway playing at the Elgiva Theatre Chesham 2005

You can hear Chris playing this Electric Kantele on the track called "Between Waterfalls" of this album "river of Life"

chris conway

Chris Conway
River of Life
Paradise Music PMCD042- 2005

"lush, evocative, relaxing music, played on an amazing collection of instruments", " a unique melange of world music influences from a multi-instrumental master."

available to purchase here

also available