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5 String épinette des Vosges

traditional epinette, inspired by the Lambert models from the 1890's
tuned to C tning with melody strings in gg,  and bourdon/drones in g e c
more info at this french site dedicated to the instrument

20"  /508mm scale instrument

Instruments from £550 built to order from my etsy website:

2017 sound file:

2006 Sound files:

Basic tuning and scale (épinette tuned gg g e C which when fretted plays, a,b,c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c (17 fret model)

Improvisation with Noter (small stick used instead of the fingers)

Strummed Improvisation, (...OK, not very  french!)

with this one I fretted the melody strings separately at first to provide a different flavour


The two examples that follow are from Tim Garside 
 (many thanks Tim!)

Stag Valse (Tim Garside)

Polka de Dulac  (Trad)

Tim Garsides epinette CD 

The Myth and the Stag  is still available to purchase £6/  10Euro :
  here at Tims site:

on on my old page here:

** Custom epinette des vosges:

epinette back view


epinette body

2006/7 video showing use of noter:

** Instruments are sold undecorated

Six String epinette

My 6 string épinette is a relatively compact instrument with a scale length of 520mm
This traditionally works with the melody string in G but with different strings it can work really well in A and even down to D
The standard model has a maple, Cherry or Walnut body with maple fretbox and rosewood fingerboard.




epinette close


Prices starting from £1350 for Maple, Walnut or Cherry models including a hard case and shipping worldwide.  email for more details

Plans for the 6 string model available from my download page here:

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