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I offer two different versions of this instrument,  one, a copy based on the Instrument in the Reykavik Folk Museum, a 3 string instrument with the diatonic fingerboard. slim and one side bent. 

Bentside Langspil, Museum replica, custom version;


Chromatic Langspil

My second one is a deeper body model with a wider soundboard,  closer to a Langeleik in dimensions.     

This New Langspil version has been undergoing a revival thanks to people like Diddi fiðla and recently Chris Foster and Bára Grímsdóttir who are playing the type on this page as a working model.

Drawings are now available to purchase and download of this Chromatic version of the instrument here

Introduction video here:

2013 model supplied with hardcase and bowlangspil


The melody is tuned to a, the middle drone to f# and the bass to B


 Langspil views

animated gif


Available to order in maple/sycamore and spruce from £950 including a case and delivery

Bentside models also available.

String sets available for this model from the Lyre shop

plans of this instrument here



Simple two stringed instruments with either horsehair,  Gut or cello Strings.    This model is £650 with bow

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