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Welsh Folk Museum Crwth copy

This larger instrument of the two I offer is based on the Instrument by Richard Evans of 1742 in the Welsh Folk Museum.  
This example, pictured below is not carved out of a block of timber like the original but built up in baroque violin fashion,  with a separate body and arm/head.  My version has binding/purfling to the soundboard edge.
crwth pictureWith both of these crwth models, the fingerboards are flat and the strings are parallel with the body as on the original, Stringing can be either all plain gut in the medieval fashion or baroque stringing which uses wound wire on the thicker strings.  Silver wound Thomastic strings with a synthetic core can also be used with success on these.
available as my Student model,  made in two pieces jointed together.  (see here: listing)

Carved Heyward model

This is based on the Crwth on display at heyward modelAberystwyth University Library, often called the Heyward Crwth,  I am offering a plain maple fully carved version of these made to order,  natural maple, golden maple or antique brown finish,   12 months from order.    £POA

student version of this also available

boxed crwth
Made from maple and spruce with Figured maple fingerboard and tailpiece, custom mini Harp tuning pins and key. 

Choice of Strings and tuning available.

 Supplied with a fitted case and baroque/fixed arch bow.

Natural, amber or antique finishes.(antique shown)

For prices and availability see here:

back of crwth

front crwth



Available built to order (9-12 months) with Fitted hard case Gut strings and baroque or fixed arch bow,  order through my etsy shop here

See and hear this Crwth on Youtube

BBC page about the crwth with Cass Meurig talking about the crwth and why she plays it and a tune example


crwth back

back view of blonde crwth

crwth with natural finish