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Lyre News 

2013  Facebook Lyre Group 

2008 The Lyre Shop
Parts and accessories are available from my online shop. (etsy from 2016)
2006 (December)Yahoo Forum for Lyre
I felt that this was the right time to start an internet forum dedicated to the Anglo Saxon Lyre and its relatives,  we can find this on yahoo:

2006 Lyre making CD
ready at last, his was promised in 2005 but better late than never!!  see here

2006 Trossingen Lyre Photos!!!
Lyre tuning pegs and bridge are intact for the first time!!!

2003 Prittlewell Lyre  600-630AD

2002 Trossingen Lyre(Germany) 580-581AD

Please contact me and I can post the information on these pages. We always need more information about Pegs, Keys, Tailpieces, Mounts straps, Plectrums!