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    New! Standard Lyre model

    This is my new standard model made to the Sutton Hoo pattern  but with a standard lyreone piece body, metal tuning pins and the fluorocarbon strings.  The important part of the Lyre is the maple soundboard, standard on all my lyres.  The body wood is maple hollowed out.
    These lyres come with my "student" setup with metal tuning pins and fluorocarbon strings and tailgut that allows you to focus on playing rather than constant tuning

    For an extra £100 these lyres can be supplied with the same wooden pegs as the Sutton hoo copies, though historically accurate this has little effect on sound as the main element with Germanic Lyres are the maple soundboards and the dimensions. 
    These standard models do not have separate string arms but are of one piece like mainland lyres, practically no difference and these sound the same as the more expensive lyres. 

    These lyre come with a  synthetic gut tailpiece with wood string holder,  willow Trossingen style bridge and comes complete with tuning key.  There is a choice of arm mount metals such as Brass(in the picture) or hammered copper, bronze,  or for £25 extra for plain Sterling silver, plain or embossed with serpent/weave pattern.
    Linseed oil based undercoat with a choice of top finishes .
    These can be customised to suit.


of lyre


    Morning Thorpe Lyre

    This Lyre is known only by its copper alloy mounts that are  attached at an angle.  I have chosen to make this a starter Lyre, for people interested in the Lyres sounds/use but don't want to worry about wooden tuning pegs and gut strings.  I offer 2 types of end button styles.
    The example below has an oak body with Maple soundboard Nylgut strings and zither pin tuning pegs but wooden pegs are standard on this lyre.
    Morning Thorpe

    Bergh Apton Lyre
    This instrument is made of Sycamore/maple throughout with brass mounts. bands, and which includes a hand strap and pins.
    I can provide this instrument with rear or front mounted pegs


    Bergh Apton Lyre
Picture left © Copyright 2004, A. Goodbody. All rights
    (also available in oak and maple for £900)

    Trossingen Lyres

    See my new Trossingen lyre pages for latest updates, maple instrument decorated with Kolrosing
    Plain/undecorated versions of these will also be available in 2016 to order only

    Prittlewell Lyre
    This Lyre is similar to the snape Lyre in that it has circular mounts, as this instrument is still under conservation/investigation my current interpretation has just plain mounts and rear mounted Sutton hoo style pegs.

    £POA  (metal mounts will be available once the data has been released)

    Irish Lyre

    (See Irish Lyre page for more info) Irish Lyre strung in Silver, Iron and Brass wire in a diatonic scale of G or a longer model in D
    £1450 with case


    Snape Lyre
    This instrument has an oak soundboard which has a more muted sound when plucked but sounds great when strummed!!  It has plain circular mounts like the Prittlewell Lyre.  I tend to make this lyre a little smaller than the other Lyres and like to tune it up higher.
    Snape lyre

    More Lyres

    From time to time I have Student model lyres or cosmetic seconds at reduced prices, please email me for details.
    I plan to add the little cologne Lyre tuned to C in 2015
    this will start at £1050

    The trossingen Lyre undecorated plain model should be around £1350 undecorated 

    Kravik Lyres are another option available from 2015 7 strings, made of spruce, fruitwoods, from 1050


    All of my instruments are handmade from solid wood, the non student models come with separate strings arms morticed into the top of the instrument which is the Anglo Saxon practise.
    Great care goes into choice of timber for these instruments.
    The Bridge is Boxwood and the Tailpiece Yew with Gut strings.  Pegs are made from a variety of Yew or Boxwood (Poplar/Willow on demand) I can make instruments with pegs tuned from the front like the Sutton Hoo model in the British museum or from behind (Like the Trossingen example)which works better physically as strings pull the pegs tight in the string arm.  With the Sutton Hoo peg type you have to apply firm pressure* when tuning to avoid the peg coming out, which is something you learn about rather quickly anyhow!

    tuning key*from  2005 l introduced an improved type of tuning key, made of 6 pieces of wood  that replaced the older carved socket tuning keys I used to make,  these work well.  
    The Trossingen Lyres spade pegs use a different key though you can turn it by hand. just.

    In 2012 I added an open socket design that is longer,  see the planbs download section for a free plan to make your own

    pinsOn the Sutton Hoo model these soundboard pins come as standard but I can add them to other models, each pin/brad is hand cut.  the cost of this is in the time cutting and installing, an additional £150

    Cases are £125 extra where not included in price, these are simply but strongly made, pine/ply/mdf antique painted black with velvet cloth inside.