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Student model Lyres

oberflacht lyre student model 2016
Currently priced at £600 plus Shipping, these Student Model lyres are sold direct from my etsy pages here: 

Maple Soundboard,  Tulip Poplar Back and sides,  Boxwood pegs,  Maple bridge, Synthetic Fluorocarbon Strings, Nylon tailpiece. 

These Tune to E or F with the bridge in the middle of the body(longitude) but can be tuned up to G pitch by moving the bridge up.

many tunings available,  see Trossingen Lyre also for ideas

Light weight versatile Lyre. 

Normally available within 7-8 weeks from payment.

Based on the Lyre from Grave 84, last in Berlin(lost during WWII)

Plans for this instrument on my 2016 Lyre making DVD