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Order book 2021   message me if interested in placing an order.  

Will be focusing on making batches of instruments for sale made of Recycled or local Timbers,  FSC Spruce/Cedar only, possibly Bog Oak instead of ebony, or alternatives, 

 Exotics mostly phased out by end of 2021.   Will be reducing plastic packaging where I can and use cardboard boxes and recycled materials for shipping,          

Note for 2022  I will be taking a break from custom orders to build some stock for the shop/Festivals/Shows,  standard Instruments still listed on etsy will not be affected. 

In the Long run making instruments in batches which will improve waiting times and availability.  

please email if you have any questions, 

To place an order for instruments over £1000 a deposit of at least 10% is required with the remainder on completion. 

Prices for 2020 to 2021


Replica models for Museum/Re-enactments

Prittlewell Lyre  £2000   Kravik Lyres £2500, Small Cologne lyre £1250 Sutton Hoo £3000, Taplow £3000,   Irish Lyre £2000,    Trossingen lyre £2500 with Kolrosing artwork (£1450 without)

New Student Lyres in 6 or 7 strings from £750    I list some of my standard options on my etsy shop.   I try to have one anglo Saxon model at least in stock or part made.   

Stick Dulcimers
Standard Yellow Cedar top, Mango or Acacia back and sides, chacate preto fingerboard £600   Recycled mahogany models with spruce tops, Sunburst available also.    with standard case £700 or with rounded edge oval case £750     Custom Electro acoustic £850

Moraharpa 2019   3 strings, Spruce, Pine, maple keys 26 Keys £2000 with case and bow,     


Flat top/back Army/Navy from £750   Red Cedar and Walnut or Mahogany     Brass tailpiece   case included


Cigar Box Concert Ukulele:  Walnut and Red Cedar/ recycled mahogany/ Tulip Poplar/Acacia     £500-£750

Soprano Pineapple models  £550    (Yellow Cedar and Mango/Plumwood/Apple wood /Acacia)  Plain Koa model from £600

Tenor 14 fret    Pineapple model £950-£1250     Standard model £1250 with Soundport


Psaltery in G £950, In D £1000  (case is an extra £100)  Custom pitches/sizes POA

Welsh  Crwths 
Heyward £4150,  Carved from solid bock of Maple      Student Evans Model £2500  (Assembled from two sections)   With case and bow   

Standard Bowed Lyre £950  
Jouhikko 2 string from £500
3 or 4 string from £1000
Shetland Gue,
2 strung, carved one piece body from £600

15 string travel harp Poplar/Brass strings £750

15 String Travel Nylon/Fluorocarbon  G-g or D-d  £700
22 String Wire-Strung harp, Poplar, Brass strings £1550
26 String Wire-Strung harp, Brass strings £2200
Student queen Mary Wire-Strung harp, poplar/willow Brass and silver strings £3000
Queen Mary based Wire-Strung harp, willow Brass and Silver strings £5000

5 string Kantele Custom £POA
5 string Custom with case £550
10 string with case £900
11 string (no case) £700
11 string with case £950

11 String with tuning levers £1000 to £1250
11 string Electric Kantele £750
15 string drone £1250

15 string diatonic £1200
New concert  folk kantele D-d 15 strings with sharpening levers £1550

C Foster model £950, With Pickup £1050    2018 Bentside £1000 with case and bow  (Pickup +£100 if required)  Chromatic, Diatonic or Meantone/Just intonation

Dreadnought 24.75" scale   Spruce/Cedar   Eucalptus/Acacia/Fumed Oak/Bog Oak,     Ebony fingerboard  £3250 Hiscox case

Classical, Torres se-117 in Spruce and Cypress/maple/Rosewood/Mahogany £2250
Classical, Torres SE19/Bouchet in Rosewood/maple/Cypress/Cherry/Swiss Pear £3250 incl Hiscox case

Tenor Guitar
Steel string Gdad tuning   22" scale  £1250

For Custom instruments or for more expensive complicated instruments I have to allow extra time for research, sourcing materials. Some instruments need to be built in stages, where wood is gradually acclimatised to become an instrument, Hollowed out lyres and Harps and also guitars for example benefit from this extra time. As of January 2017 with new CITES changes I will no longer use Rosewood, Bubinga or African Blackwood for exported instruments, I was using plantation grown Rosewood but this is now affected for export instruments. Currently using chacate preto on fingerboards with ebony and bog oak on custom instruments.  From 2020 will focus on native timbers from well managed sources.  

For Custom orders I now require a non returnable deposit of 10% to reserve a place on my order book, to cover materials. Prices are fixed at this point.  Custom orders are often built over a longer timespan than my standard instruments to allow wood to acclimatise and extra research, but I will let you know when I start construction,  My work in progress pictures are usually uploaded on instagram.

The final payment plus delivery costs are always payable before delivery.  

Delivery overseas is now by federal Express, here in the UK by next day delivery, royal mail or courier.


Most of my standard instruments are handled through etsy payment system, for deposits for custom orders I can do Bank Transfer payments or Paypal,  at the moment I can only accept cheques in the Uk with Pounds Sterling.  as of 2018 I can also accept Cryptocurrencies for full payment, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin,  as these values fluctuate I would prefer to keep these to buy now instruments rather than long term commissions,   

Please feel free to email if you have any questions!

I run my business mostly online, working from family home, not open to public. 

My workshop is being re-organised over the next year and may be able to offer meetings in the Future by arrangement,  hoping to build some stock for 2021 so I have examples on hand which is not the case at present

Skype:  Skype is possible.    If you download this app on your phone, tablet or pc and sign up you an ring me for free anywhere in the world,  (by prior arrangement only --time zones vary)  email before you call as I will need to be confirm a local time that is suitable for us both.    

Zoom:  Email me to arrange.  
Facebook messenger also a good option, I usually respond to messages on facebook messenger 5-6pm    
email:       sales "at"

Facetime/Google hangouts by arrangement

Mobile/Cell  work phone in UK : 07523 233052 UK (or #44 7523233952 overseas)   I usually have my  phone with me but if driving or operating tools I may not be free to answer in which case please leave a message or email me and I will get back to you.  

Whatsapp   Email me and i will send you details by arrangement only.