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3 stringed Bowed Lyres/Jouhikko

Three string open armed Jouhikko/Bowed Lyre

new bowed lyre

new bowed lyre

Tuning on Soundcloud D# G# C# but more commonly tuned : (left to right) 

  f Bb d# with the central string the lowest pitch.

this is the same pitch as Pekko Käppi on his youtube tutor video here:

The standard tuning is half a step lower which you can also use

Horsehair strung Bowed lyres will come with Bow, rosin and hard case  £650 for the cherrywood and spruce model, maple fittings, natural or antique finishes (Figured maple version £800 ) Choice of 2 soundhole types(see below) More videos to follow!  
Hollowed out and carved  Alder, birch, maple.sycamore models available from £1100 including a case and bow

Plans available  Why not make your own!   see Lyre cd, This is my current design in pdf format plans with information and more.
Or Purchase the Lyre making CD-rom and get the plans included!!

bowed lyre

new bowed lyre

Jouhikko for lisa 2011

new lyre

2 bowed lyres

Pictures and more information to follow including Youtube videos.

bowed lyre

I am now also offering carved Jouhikkos with partial hand holes as an option.  please enquire for details