UPDATES 2019 New Anglo Saxon Lyre model available in stock/to order,  Lyreshop page here


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My standard range of instruments now on etsy,  usually available 4-5 months waiting time by keeping  down the options and materials,    Also available accessories and supplies for these instruments,.

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Digital plans


Plans are available for instant download in PDF format,  designed to be printed out on home printers.  Wide overlaps to help collate the drawings.  Support provided by email.     These are my best and current models of instruments.

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CD-ROM discs of plans


Kantele Making, Lyre Making DVD and Stick Dulcimer Making DVD's are available still as discs,  but can also be supplied on USB flash drive for those without DVD players.

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Instagram feed of my recent work:

Student Model Lyre 2019

Forest Green special edition: My New Student lyres are based on the Sutton Hoo shape, two piece maple top and one piece back of maple , routed to shape Zither pins for easy tuning and stability when learning,   Comes with Zither pin and Fluorocarbon strings with Forest Green, antique Brown or Black finishes.  on sale here:

 Instruments on etsy to order

11 String Kanteles

11 String Kanteles are one of my favourite Instruments. This year I am supplying a free copy of the tutor book by Arja Kastinen with each order placed. This is a fabulous, great sounding    and playing Kantele made with Cherry wood frame, Cedar soundboard and hard beech pin block for reliable tuning complete with the Tuning Key mounted underneath, the culmination  of my 16 years making Kanteles, now added to my etsy page for quick order or with a through my website if you require a case or extra decoration like runic inscriptions.

11 String kanteles,my very best!

Standard Cedar and maple Lyres

My new for 2019, Cedar and Maple lyres are now available to order direct through etsy.com,  These warm sounding models with wood decoration on arms sound as good as the more decorated models but are availabel within 2-3 months.  These Cedar topped lyres combined with Fluorocarbon strings provide a versatile toolkit to explore different tunings and pitches.    These feature the same hide glued tops as my more expensive lyres but have a machine routed body from a solid plank.  Wooden pegs as standard,  harp pins or gut strings also optional.  The plans this model is based on the Sutton Hoo shape,  found on the 2016 Lyre making DVD   a simpler version is available as a lyre kit    

new standard model lyre, plain maple with strap


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