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lyre cd


kantele cd new update!!


more plans

Stick Dulcimer


 stick dulcimer in maple

Special offers this Month
last of my Shetland Gues/Bowed Lyres
Prototype models.  prices reduced
Click on pictures to go direct to Ebay for these.

gueFinished model:
This completed one is available with either viola strings or Horsehair.  Comes with Jouhikko bow and rosin.
This one is Poplar and spruce with hand whittled yew pegs and tailpiece and endpin.

gue unfinishedUncompleted model:
For this one you can make/supply your own fittings and bow for this one or purchase a set from my lyre shop.  Comes with a free download of the Shetland Gue plans and info.

Stick Dulcimer making Series DVD set available  £35
box set
Standard Model Anglo-Saxon lyre

Items on sale

Shetland Gue's with bow,
nest of shetland

Bowed Psaltery in G
Plans still available and instruments can be ordered
bowed psaltery

Mandolin Straps for Stick Dulcimer available:

New Shetland Gue model

nest of shetland guescustom
eebony stick dulcimer

Shetland Gue's   Poplar and spruce relic finishes  last available
email me
three string Jouhikko  £350  one only
Plans also available,  see plans and Gue pages
Bowed Psalteries plans, instrument and Building Course 2014 :

bowed psaltery

Electric Ukuleles


Electric Ukulele bridge making
(plans available here)

Stick Dulcimer Tutorial with Tabs

Student Model Lyre
2014 new student model for schools/re-enactment
(birch plywood top) poplar body, zither pins and fluorocarbon strings  natural or painted finish £500
Standard Model Lyre
2014 new standard model
Harp tuning pins,  fugured maple top,  silver or bronze straps  natural or painted finish from £1050

Trossingen Lyre
2014 Trossingen lyre,  decorated and in case £2500

Universal Lyre
Fits almost any time period Simple model maple and spruce  4-12 strings From £500  Maple and spruce,  walnut and cedar available also

Greek Kithara  
Classical model 7 -12 strings depending on model. from  £2400  

Shetland Gue
Silver birch and Spruce with bow, £750  email me

spruce model £300  email me

5 string Kantele
Figured walnut with one sharpening lever on the F
Jan 2014,  £400  email me

email for details of availability

New Short Scale "Dad" Tuned Stick Dulcimer

Youtube Video Channel

Morning Thorpe Lyre plans separate download

thorpe lyre plansupdated and available now

Plans page

Wire strung harps.....

more on my harp page soon!

Lyre Making CD-Rom 2013  update!
7 plucked lyre plans plus now 4 extras (Bowed Lyre plans including Crwth, Jouhikkos and Shetland Gue)

lyre cd

for more CD-Roms and downloadable plans go here

Icelandic Langpil plans now available!

15 String Kantele, Drone model! new plans

New plans to download!

Shetland Gue  

2 String Jouhikko

15 String drone Kantele

Tenor Ukulele (1st December)

The new October edition of my  Lyre-Making CD-ROM now includes as an extra all my Bowed lyres plans (Shetland Gue, Crwth, Jouhikkos)
 These are also available to purchase here

I am planning to prepare a new Trossingen Lyre kit for 2013 if there is sufficient interest  email if you are and I will add you to my mailing list!

Sutton Hoo lyre replica

New Epinette plans available